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Black Bear sightings - 2021

Updated Sept. 17/21 news is the bear is still visiting campsites and has been seen during daylight hours now too.

Please remember Bear Smart practices and remove all attractants. Stay safe and smart when in a wilderness area; bear sightings are not uncommon but repeated visits are a concern. The reports that we have received started back in June and have been around attractants which is a human caused problem.

Previous post: During the nights of September 2, 3, & 4 a bear has visited campsites in the campground. Please remember to remove any and all bear attractants like food, garbage, bottles, barbeques ect. Once a bear has found a food source on your lot, they will remember and return again.

Inform your family and guests of bear safety rules like removing attractants, making noise to scare away a bear, carrying bear spray, bear bangers and watching children and pets when outside.

We received a email regarding a tenant trail camera with an alarming photo of a very large cougar with a tracking collar on it visiting a lot on the south east corner in late July. It really drives home that they are out here and we should always use caution with children and pets.

Please keep your pets on a leash close by and please don't let your children go off on their own.

For further information we have wildlife brochures available at the shower house or visit

Alberta Bear Smart Program

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