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Bear sightings 2022

We have had 2 bears that we know of visiting the campground. The smaller blond bear has been recorded on bush camera and a much larger black bear has been spotted grazing multiple times on the north west side just outside of the golf course on the pipeline area. Lots of bear scat in the area. Please use caution and bear safety practices when on the campground property. Please report any bear sightings/visits to keep us up to date.

Stay smart and safe in bear country.

  • no bird feeders

  • store food in a secure location

  • clean your barbeque and put away in a secured shed

  • no garbage sitting out; store in a secure location

  • no bottle barrels sitting out; store in a secure location

  • take garbage to the transfer station regularly and always take bottles/cans home with you

  • make noise to let bears know you are around

  • watch your children and pets

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