CoVID 19 - tenants - May 5, 2021

Dear tenants

Here we are again, writing further updates on Covid 19. There is an update on our news page.

Tenants who do not follow our rules are subject to "Pink Slips" and potential Provincial fines.

Please tell your friends to just stay home during this period of new restrictions. You are putting the campground and our business at risk.

Just a quick point out to the tenants who selfishly ignore the Government rules and our postings; we see you and you show us all your disrespect, disregard, lack of understanding and caring during this time. Whatever side of the fence you are on, this affects us all in every aspect of our lives but as a business we are required to post and follow all mandates.

As we move forward, hopefully we can all learn some things as human beings about the greater good.

May we all keep safe and healthy, may we all prosper and live long happy lives.

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