COVID 19: new update on December 10, 2020

We have had to once again update our Covid 19 info. There is a link on this page titled COVID 19 & TENANTS for reference. These current restrictions follow the most recent Alberta Government mandates and as a business we must post and follow them.

Yes, we know this sucks but Clear Springs Campground is not in some Covid free magical forest and our area cases are now rising very quickly. Clear Springs is not your safe haven to ignore the currents conditions and rules around Covid. In order to protect ourselves, our neighbours and local area we have to get serious about controlling the spread now. We ask and expect that everyone follows so that we can one day in the future return to our old normal. Lets all suck it up and deal with this responsibly & safely so that we, our family & friends stay healthy today and in the coming year.

Thank you

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