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Eventful August long weekend 2022

Long weekends are busy, tiring and eventful turning into 5 day weekends with an influx of people, vehicles & RV's steadily streaming into the campground. Here are some real actual snippets of life on the other side of the fence.

Earlier in the week we had a combative tenant about their gravel order...Yes, your gravel will be delivered but on what day we're not sure...No, you cannot disturb neighbors and guests by spreading it out with heavy equipment over the holiday weekend...not to mention the safety/liability aspect of increased people and activity on the property.

Friday night shortly before and after midnight, a car was sitting sideways on our approach so we watched it to see what was going on...well they drove further down west and jumped our fence to enter...Yes, this is disturbing and a security issue...Yes, guests should arrive and register before gates close at 11:00pm...No, we were not notified of late arriving guests.

Persons trying to leave prior to the 7:00am gate opening time are...Yes, waking us up and disturbing our limited time to sleep...No, we will not make exceptions; except in a true emergency situation.

We pride ourselves on nice, clean facilities and starting on Friday evening and throughout the weekend the washrooms/shower building was abused by some users...Yes, you should respect our facility and help keep it clean and safe out of respect for other users...Yes, children should be supervised and not free range play in/around the building...No, you should not enter the building/showers caked with muddy clothes...Yes, the drain(pee trap) filled with sand and flooded out the shower stall...No, you should not splash water all over the counter, floor, walls and ceiling...Yes, you should use the garbage containers provided...Yes, you should report or can safely confront abuses you witness.

Again at the kids park, we lost another tether ball to vandalism/destructive play...Yes, we have a security camera recording that area...Yes, tenants/guests can be billed for damages...Yes, please report or safely confront any destructive users.

At the golf course, there were again players not using the sand pits provided and holes left all over the greens...Yes, that is a big deal and...No, it is not a fancy professional course but show some respect for our hard work and other players.

This spring we issued a 90 day/July 1st deadline to label your golf carts with your lot number...Yes, this is mandatory to help identify problematic carts...Yes, you will be asked to remove cart off the property if you choose to not comply.

We apologize to anyone who witnessed or heard the Sunday morning incident with a tenant guest...No, you cannot bring your dog into the washroom/shower building...Yes, we have provided doggy leash hook ups on the east and west sides of the building...Yes, we have now posted this as it was pointed out to us that it was not posted...Yes, they are our babies but they are still animals...Yes, we have restrictions on certain dog breeds...No, we are not afraid of them or lack an understanding in dog behavior...Yes, our primary concern is for the safety of our tenants, guests and their dogs while striving to stay ahead of any potential liability issues.

And after a long glorious weekend enjoying the West Country, some are tired and anxious to get home but please stop racing out of here and follow our posted travels everyone.

Crazy weather with down pours, lightening, thunder and winds prompted severe weather warning and tornado watches and warnings; thankfully no accidents or damages here but lots of worry.

As busy and tired as we are; please know that our priority is always the campground and smooth, safe operations of it...

but at the end of the day; we are a privately run business on privately owned land and those who do not agree with us on issues or rules do not have to be here or visit here.

Thank you to our tenants and guests who enjoyed the weekend and our facilities in a respectful manner...and Yes, you are the reason we keep on doing this job and business. Happy Camping & Happy Summer 2022.


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