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Moving forward in 2021

As we ring in 2021 with hope that the new year will bring better things and with faith that the world will right itself again. We all saw many challenges in 2020 that brought out opposing reactions and polarized opinions. The selfish side of humanity became even more apparent, the "Me" mentality pushed forward but there still was some compassion, kindness and understanding to be found if you looked.

Trying times like this past year have not been easy running a small business working with the public. There is so much worry, stress, sleepless nights; whatever decisions are made or protocols followed there will always be critical evaluations made no matter what the circumstances are. It seems to be a common past time or a bonding ritual with one's friends and neighbors; misunderstanding and complaining are rampant especially during difficult times.

On a positive note; those who practice kindness, patience, and cooperation are much easier to come out the other end healthier, happier, with their good character intact. That's what is beautiful about life; that every new day is another chance to do better, to be better. A good question to ask ourselves is: what is better for all of us as a whole, not what is just best for me. Here at the campground we have tried to ask ourselves: what is best for Clear Springs as a whole not just now but for the future too. We aim to look at things from different angles while trying to practice consistent and responsible management that will safeguard this very special place we all love.

Well here's hoping that the new year will bring us another chance for a fresh start, new understanding, fences mended, and stronger relationships built. We have learned many new things going through this time together: but what has it taught us? Have we counted all our blessings? Have we given thanks for all we lucky bastards take for granted each and everyday?

Cheers to a better 2021 and wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, new year full of love and hope.

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