Public washrooms open with restrictions

Update June 11, 2021: Our toilet and shower building is open with restrictions.

According to the AB. province reopening guideline.

  • All users of the shower house building will be required to wear a mask inside the building

(until they step into the shower). The provincial mask mandate has not been lifted yet.

  • Occupancy limit allowed is 2 persons only inside building at one time.

  • Outhouses are open with hand sanitizer provided (use with precautions).

  • Washroom and shower facilities are checked and cleaned regularly.

  • If you do not have a face mask we will provide disposables masks at no charge.

  • Those that cannot follow our current rules are asked to not enter the building and or to go home.

Many of our tenants and guests are coming from far and wide around Alberta.

While some of our tenants and guests will complain of this inconvenience, all tenants do have their own facilities on their lots and all booking areas have their own RV toilet facilities.

We take very seriously the potential risks and protecting health and safety of everyone.

We are working hard to prevent community spread in the Campground and to our surrounding community.

Thank you for your cooperation

Carrie and Pascal

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