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  • We have 126 leased lots ranging from approximately 1/4 acre to 1 acre each

  • These lots are not surveyed and boundaries have been measured and determined by Clear Springs

  • All lots were leased in 2004 for 99 years and are presently leased

  • We are not developing any additional leased lots

  • We do not have seasonal sites at this time in our booking areas

  •  Booking areas are through reservation only; see booking page

  • We do not allow tenants to live at Clear Springs Private Campground as we are a part-time recreational camping facility only

  • Lease tenants must have a primary residence in Canada

  • Lease tenants must carry & provide yearly proof of liability insurance

  • All lease sales & transfers will be only be approved through  application and credit check by Clear Springs

  • Lease transfer fees are additional charges paid to Clear Springs

  • Appointments for lease information with Clear Springs

  • Viewing appointments to be made with Lease holder or agent

  • Trespassing onto our private property will not be tolerated

  • Please click below for TENANT RULES & REGULATIONS

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