September 6, 2020

Dear tenants:  2020 has been a very busy and stressful year with the pandemic and the new County tax assessment.  These are difficult & changing times for us all.  What we have experienced first hand more often this year has been the ugly side of humanity; selfishness,...

August 15, 2020

Current Fire Hazard Level - MODERATE

August 15, 2020

Our golf course is private to tenants and guests only.  We are sorry but we do not take off the road golfers.  It's been a busy crazy summer and we have had many random people driving in and asking about the course or just want to drive around the property.  We ask tha...

June 16, 2020

We have had reported sightings of a young black bear.  Hopefully he is just passing through but please be cautious and use safety precautions when camping.  When you are in the wilderness make noise to warn wildlife of your presence, have bear spray available and super...

June 16, 2020

Please be advised if you haven't already heard.  Clearwater County will be conducting a tax assessment for the 2021 tax year.  We will be sending out an official letter soon. Tenants can contact us for further information regarding this important news.  Please click on...

June 10, 2020

Please keep your fires low and safe.   Use the metal cover provided when not on attendance at your campfire and during windy conditions.  Don't forget to extinguish completely with water, stir and water again before leaving. 

Thank you and Happy Camping.

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