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ATV access gate closure

The land bordering north of the campground is a grazing lease with cattle grazing. This grazing lease is Government owned and grazing lease holders only have the obligation to grant foot access to the public. The current grazing lease holder has allowed our tenants access to pass through onto Crown Land for ATV riding.

The past few months the access gate has been locked by us due to muddy conditions and the mud being tracked onto our roads. We close this access gate each year during spring thaw and really muddy conditions to help preserve our interior roads and we re-open it after the rains settle down usually in late June.

We are also aware that people have been going out onto the grazing lease and:

  • taking firewood ($5 permits are required to take only dead standing trees on Crown Land)

  • dumping ashes

  • dumping brush debris

  • cutting fence (on top of hill and on west side)

  • letting their guests in through the gate

  • not locking gate properly behind themselves (affecting our security)

  • trespassing on east side and west side neighbors property

This is absolutely not allowed and some of the above items may be subject to Provincial fines.

All we have to say is smarten up! Respect our property, respect our neighbors and follow Provincial Laws.

It does not matter how much people complain ect.; you now know the true facts on this issue. We hope you now understand what a privilege it is and that it's not your right and we hope that the grazing lease holder remains happy.

We will open the gate soon.

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